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Karan Johar’s kids are curious to know about…

Karan Johar said he apologized to his son Yash for saying something hurtful to him once. Karan Johar is a single parent to his twins, Yash and Roohi.

He often talks about the challenges of single parenthood and how he takes care of his kids with the help of his 81-year-old mother, Hiroo. Recently, Karan shared that his children have started asking questions about their birth, which has led him to seek guidance. Karan’s kids were born via surrogacy in 2017.

In a conversation with Faye D’Souza on her YouTube channel, Karan said, “We are a modern family in an unusual situation, so now I am dealing with questions like ‘Whose tummy was I born in?’ and ‘Mumma is not really mumma, she is my grandmother.’ I am going to the school counsellor to ask how to handle these questions. Being a parent is never easy.”

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