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Joe Biden Suggests Hamas Attack Linked to Saudi-Israel Relations

In a recent statement, President Joe Biden expressed his belief that the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel was influenced, in part, by the potential normalization deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel. While acknowledging the lack of concrete proof, Biden highlighted his close collaboration with Saudi Arabia and regional partners in working towards peace and recognizing Israel’s right to exist.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had earlier conveyed optimism about improving relations with Saudi Arabia, stating that progress toward peace was being made. He emphasized that the historical focus on satisfying Palestinian demands had hindered new peace treaties for over two decades.

Biden, commenting on the release of a group of hostages held by Hamas, described it as a positive “start” and expressed hope for extending the temporary truce in Gaza. He emphasized the need to renew efforts for a two-state solution and suggested ongoing engagement with his team to implement the deal.

The president also addressed the potential release of American women and children hostages, stating uncertainty about the timing but expressing expectations for their eventual freedom. As efforts to implement the deal progressed, Biden remained cautiously optimistic about the developments, emphasizing the early but positive outcomes.

This situation adds another layer to the complex dynamics in the region, where geopolitical shifts and diplomatic efforts play a crucial role in influencing the actions of various parties involved.

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