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Joe Biden Congratulates PM Modi For Winning

US President Joe Biden congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi under whose leadership the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) registered a win in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections. The Biden administration said they were eager to continue collaborating with India to ensure a free “Indo-Pacific region.”

What US President Joe Biden said

In a post on X, the US president commended PM Modi, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), and “650 million voters in this historic election.” The 81-year-old added that the alliance between the two nations was “only growing as we unlock a shared future of unlimited potential.”

Statement by the White House

White House statement, released shortly after Mr Biden’s post, talked about how the two leaders stood firm in their commitment to deepening the “US-India Comprehensive and Global Strategic Partnership” and advancing their shared vision of a “free, open, and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.”

The statement also noted that they discussed National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s upcoming visit to New Delhi. Mr Sullivan’s visit aims to “engage with the new government on shared US-India priorities, including the trusted strategic technology partnership.”

What PM Narendra Modi said

PM Modi, under whose leadership NDA retained power, albeit by a slender margin, confirmed he had received a congratulatory call from his “friend”, Mr Biden. 

“Happy to receive call from my friend President @JoeBiden,” PM Modi wrote on X. He added that the India-US partnership is set to witness “many new landmarks in the years to come,” and will “continue to be a force for global good for the benefit of humanity.” 

India-US relations

In recent years, India and the United States have grown closer due to shared concerns over China’s increasing influence. The two countries work closely on many global platforms such as the United Nations, G-20, ASEAN Regional Forum, IMF, World Bank, and WTO.

The US supports India’s efforts to join the UN Security Council and the two countries cooperate on initiatives such as the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity. India is a member of IORA, while the US has joined hands with India in initiatives like the International Solar Alliance and USAID.

Regarding defence, India has signed important agreements with the US and has bought military equipment worth $20 billion. They conduct extensive military exercises together and are both part of major important forums like the Quad and I2U2.

In the field of space and technology, ISRO and NASA collaborate on projects such as the NISAR satellite and have signed agreements like the Artemis Accords for space exploration. 

Despite these positive developments, there are still some challenges. The US has criticised India’s foreign policy, especially differences over issues like the Russian-Ukraine conflict and energy imports. India, meanwhile, has continued its longstanding relationship with Russia.

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