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JD Majethia Apologizes to Shah Rukh Khan

Actor-producer JD Majethia recently shared a story about a publicity stunt he pulled in front of Shah Rukh Khan’s house, Mannat, to promote *Khichdi: The Movie* in 2010. Known for his role as Himanshu in the popular TV show *Khichdi*, Majethia took the film’s cast to Mannat along with cameras, hoping to get Shah Rukh’s attention and support for the film.

In an interview on Radio Nasha, Majethia said, “I will be very honest. We did a media stunt to promote our film. We thought we would go in front of Mannat and do something to get Shah Rukh sir’s attention. We hoped he would ask about us and recognize the show *Khichdi*. There were media and fans there, but we didn’t even know if he was home. We just went there without knowing anything.”

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Source: The Indian Express

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