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Japan Earthquake Death Toll Exceeds 100, Hundreds Still Missing

The death toll from Japan’s New Year’s Day earthquake has surpassed 100, with over 200 people still missing in what is now the country’s deadliest quake in nearly eight years. The magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck Japan’s west coast, causing widespread destruction and leaving 23,000 homes without power in the Hokuriku region.

Search and rescue efforts continue for survivors trapped under collapsed buildings for the sixth consecutive day. More than 30,000 evacuees are awaiting aid as the nation grapples with the aftermath of this devastating natural disaster.

By 1 p.m. on Saturday, an additional 16 deaths were confirmed in Wajima city and Anamizu town, bringing the total death toll to 110, according to Kyodo news agency, citing information from the Ishikawa prefectural government and other sources. Earlier on Saturday morning, the Ishikawa government website reported 98 confirmed deaths.

This earthquake represents the highest death toll since the quakes in Kumamoto, southwestern Japan, which claimed 276 lives, including related deaths, in 2016.

The affected region faces challenges in relief efforts due to road disruptions and other issues, hampering the timely delivery of essential supplies. Residents are grappling with the aftermath, lining up for necessities at reopened stores. One resident expressed gratitude for the reopened supermarket but emphasized the long road to reconstruction ahead, highlighting the emotional toll and challenges faced by those affected by the disaster.

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