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ISRO Launches Robotics Challenge, URSC-2024, Inviting Student Proposals for Robotic Rovers

ISRO is inviting students to submit ideas and proposals for robotic rovers for use in upcoming missions. The “ISRO Robotics Challenge, URSC-2024” will be held by the U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) to give students opportunities in the field of space robotics. Students have until November 20 to December 15 to turn in a proposal and the registration form.

ISRO announced that it is preparing for upcoming robotic exploration missions to the moon and other celestial bodies following the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 Vikram on the lunar surface and the exploration near the moon’s southern pole.

The national space agency, which has its headquarters here, stated that it is dedicated to providing industry and academia with special chances to engage in technology development initiatives that align with organizational goals.

The challenge is an engineering project wherein the institutional teams construct robots to compete in an arena inspired by extraterrestrials, carrying out tasks that are derived from the difficulties that space robotics faces in the real world.

This is a call to action for the student body to participate in the design and development of a “Wheeled/Legged Rover,” which will involve the creation of all necessary hardware and software. According to an ISRO statement, “there is a higher likelihood that the solutions developed by the students in IRoC-U 2024 will be included in ISRO’s future interplanetary robotics missions.”

The objectives of the challenge are:

  • To provide a standardized platform for exploring the area of space robotics.
  • To increase student community comprehension of space robotics and its applications.
  • To collaborate with ISRO to jointly develop the next generation of space robotics technologies.

August 2024 is scheduled to be the date of the final onsite competition to complete the necessary tasks on the URSC Bengaluru campus.

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