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Israel’s War Cabinet Minister’s Son, Gal Meir Eisenkot, Killed in Gaza Conflict

In a tragic development amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Master Sgt. (res.) Gal Meir Eisenkot, the son of Israeli Minister Gadi Eisenkot, has lost his life. Sgt. Major (res.) Jonathan David Deitch of the 55th Brigade’s 6623rd Reconnaissance Battalion also perished in the same incident, according to reports from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

Gal Meir Eisenkot, 25, affiliated with the 551st Brigade’s 699th Battalion from Herzliya, was killed in northern Gaza. The incident occurred after a bomb exploded in a tunnel shaft near soldiers stationed in the Jabaliya camp. Tragically, Eisenkot succumbed to his injuries after being transported to a hospital in Israel.

Gadi Eisenkot, the father of the fallen soldier, is a former IDF chief of staff and currently serves as a minister in the emergency government for Benny Gantz’s National Unity party. He is also an observer on the high-level war cabinet, actively involved in leading decision-making amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

The IDF reported that three other troopers were seriously injured in the incident and have been transferred to hospitals for treatment. Sgt. Major (res.) Jonathan David Deitch lost his life during a gun battle in the southern Strip.

The tragic news reached Gadi Eisenkot while he was touring the IDF’s Southern Command along with Benny Gantz. The IDF announced these casualties amidst heavy fighting in Gaza, where Israeli troops are advancing into major Hamas strongholds in both northern and southern parts of the coastal enclave.

The death of Gal Meir Eisenkot marks a poignant moment in the conflict, with a total of 89 Israeli soldiers losing their lives since the start of the ground offensive in Gaza. Israeli lawmakers, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, extended their condolences to Gadi Eisenkot over the loss of his son.

Benny Gantz expressed deep sorrow, stating, “Our hearts are broken. On the eve of Hanukkah, Gal’s candle was extinguished,” referring to the Jewish holiday of lights. Gantz affirmed the commitment to continue the fight, saying, “We are all committed to continuing the sacred mission in whose name Gal fell.”

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog acknowledged Gadi Eisenkot’s dedication to Israel’s security and mourned the unbearable price the family is paying. He spoke highly of Gal Meir Eisenkot’s commitment to the nation.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid paid tribute to the military careers of Gadi Eisenkot and Gal Meir Eisenkot, sharing a poignant picture of father and son in uniform. The loss of Gal Meir Eisenkot emphasizes the human toll of the ongoing conflict, leaving the nation in mourning and reiterating the sacrifices made by military personnel and their families.

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