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Israeli Military Discovers and Destroys Hamas’ 800 Tunnel Network in Gaza

Israeli forces have made significant strides in dismantling Hamas’ extensive tunnel network in the Gaza Strip since the commencement of a ground operation on October 27. The military announced on Sunday that they have identified a total of 800 shafts leading to the underground labyrinth of tunnels and bunkers and have successfully destroyed more than half of them.

Hamas had previously claimed to possess a network of tunnels spanning hundreds of kilometers, comparable in size to the New York subway system. These tunnels served as both protective measures and operational bases for the Palestinian group. However, these underground structures have become prime targets for Israeli air strikes, employing penetrating munitions, as well as the use of mapping robots and exploding gel to neutralize the passages.

The Israeli military revealed that the tunnel shafts were strategically located in civilian areas, including proximity to or inside buildings such as schools, kindergartens, mosques, and playgrounds. The military’s statement on Sunday emphasized the challenge posed by these locations, underscoring the need for precision in targeting to minimize civilian casualties.

Despite ongoing concerns about the civilian toll in the eight-week-long conflict, the Israeli military has pressed forward with its anti-tunnel operations. Troops have reported on a near-daily basis the discovery of access shafts in civilian sites. The international community, including world powers like the United States, has expressed increasing worry about the impact of the conflict on civilians. Washington, in particular, urged Israel to exercise caution in its military operations on Saturday.

Out of the 800 shafts discovered, the military reported that 500 have been successfully destroyed using various operational methods, including detonation and sealing off. Additionally, a substantial portion of the main tunnel routes, spanning many miles, has also been eradicated in the ongoing effort to neutralize Hamas’ underground infrastructure. The conflict continues to unfold, with both military and diplomatic developments capturing the attention of the global community.

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