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Israel Uncovers 55-Meter Fortified Tunnel Beneath Gaza’s Largest Hospital

Israel has released video footage showcasing what it claims to be a tunnel constructed by Palestinian operatives underneath the Gaza Strip’s largest hospital, Al Shifa Hospital. The revelation comes amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, now entering its seventh week.

Despite the acknowledgment of having an extensive network of secret tunnels, bunkers, and access shafts throughout the Gaza Strip, Hamas denies locating these structures within civilian infrastructure such as hospitals. However, the Israeli military provided an update on its operations at Al Shifa Hospital, revealing that its engineers had unearthed a tunnel 10 meters deep and spanning 55 meters, leading to a blast-proof door.

The military statement emphasized that the blast-proof door is utilized by Hamas to impede Israeli forces from entering command centers and underground assets belonging to the organization. The accompanying video displays a narrow passage with arched concrete roofing, concluding at a grey door. The statement did not disclose the contents beyond the door.

The tunnel’s entrance, according to the military, includes various defense mechanisms designed to protect Hamas assets. The tunnel had been accessed through a shaft discovered in a shed within the Shifa compound containing munitions.

While Israel continues its search-and-destroy missions against Hamas, allegations of constructing tunnels beneath civilian infrastructure add a layer of complexity to the ongoing conflict. The revelation raises concerns about the use of hospitals and other civilian sites for military purposes, contributing to the already tense situation in the region.

As the conflict persists, both sides remain entrenched in their positions, with the international community closely monitoring developments and calling for a peaceful resolution to the longstanding Israel-Palestine conflict. The discovery of the tunnel beneath Gaza’s largest hospital underscores the challenges of distinguishing between civilian and military infrastructure in the midst of the protracted conflict.

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