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‘Is this language of democracy?’ PM slams Rahul’s ‘India on fire’ remark

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday criticized Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for saying that “India would be set on fire” if the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is elected for a third term straight in Lok Sabha elections.

“Is this the language of democracy?” said PM Modi at an election rally in Uttarakhand.

Gandhi, in a speech at Opposition parties’ rally in Delhi, alleged PM Modi had rigged the elections by imprisoning two chief ministers (Arvind Kejriwal and Hemant Soren). “If the BJP wins these fixed elections and changes the Constitution, the country will be on fire. Remember this,” he said.

“The shahzada [prince] of the Congress shahi [royal] family has given a clarion call that if the country chooses the BJP for the third time, the country will be set on fire. They have been out of power for 10 years after ruling the country for 70 years and they are speaking of setting the country on fire. Do you approve of this? Will you allow the country to be set on fire? Is this language acceptable? Is this the language of democracy? Won’t you punish people who say such words?” PM Modi said.

“No one trusts the Congress and its Emergency mentality in democracy. So now they are provoking people. Congress wants to take India towards instability,” said the Prime Minister.

PM Modi also criticised D K Suresh, Congress leader in Karnataka, for his remarks after the Union Budget in February. “A prominent Congress leader suggested dividing the nation into North and South. Shouldn’t such actions be condemned? Despite this, the Congress nominated him for elections. Uttarakhand will always remember how the Congress insulted Bipin Rawat,” referring to the former military leader who died in a helicopter crash in December 2021. Rawat’s village is in Uttarakhand.

Further attacking the Opposition, PM Modi said that action against the corrupt will go on and he cannot be deterred by threats and abuses. “Don’t you think the corrupt should go to jail? The corrupt are threatening and abusing me. But they can’t deter me. Action against each one of the corrupt will continue,” he said.

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(Source: Business Standard)

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