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Is Michelle Obama Running for President in 2024?

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has opened up about her stand regarding the upcoming 2024 presidential elections. Despite many of her admirers rooting for this development and Democrats-Republicans equally sweating over it, Obama has no plans of running for president. In fact, she’s thoroughly cheering on President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris’ re-election campaign.

While Democrats were nervously hoping for a positive outcome on this front, waiting for Obama to swoop in as the day’s saviour, her candidacy remains a myth that has now bit the dust. On the other side of the rival board, Republicans were equally curious to see if she would rush in and make things challenging for the GOP base. However, the sink-or-swim situation has very much worked in the favour of one party while turning down the hopes of another.

Michelle Obama’s presidential election 2024 plans:

Obama’s office made her stance on this issue crystal clear in a statement to NBC News. “As former First Lady Michelle Obama has expressed several times over the years, she will not be running for president. Mrs Obama supports President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ re-election campaign,” the statement firmly dispelled any else-world ideas associated with the picture.

Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama has also confirmed that he’s “all in” for Biden’s re-election. Insiders in touch with the news outlet also pointed to Mrs Obama’s plans ahead. According to discussions they’ve been privy to, she hopes to assist Biden’s campaign during the fall again. However, her contributions won’t be as active due to her rather lack of enthusiasm for making a full-time comeback to the political scene.

A 2022 BBC interview well-portrayed how she “detests” these questions about her running for president. Similarly, her Netflix special with Oprah Winfrey, The Light We Carry, addressed her views on politics. “Politics is hard … It’s got to be in your soul, because it is so important. It is not in my soul.”

While it may seem like she’s completely closed the door on her call to the office, a different scene broke out after Jill Biden addressed the issue in 2020. During her interview with CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota, the present-day First Lady received Michelle Obama’s name as Biden’s potential running mate choice.

She mildly laughed off the possibility at the time: “You know, I’d love it if Michelle would agree to it. But I — you know, I think she’s had it with politics. I don’t know. She’s so good at everything she does. That would — that would be wonderful.” 

However, NBC News reports claim that sources close to Obama didn’t particularly take a liking to Mrs Biden’s statement. Her side hoped for the question to be tackled a bit differently in the future so as not to shut the door on the possibility fully. At present, Obama has pulled out of the potential 2024 race, but this years-old reminder shines an ambivalent light on the future.

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