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Internet Outage During PTI’s Virtual Meet Sparks Reactions in Pakistan

In a surprising turn of events, Pakistan faced a nationwide internet outage, coinciding with a virtual event organized by former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI). The disruption, reported by users experiencing difficulties accessing social media platforms, occurred just before the scheduled commencement of the PTI’s online gathering at 9 pm.

According to internet monitor Netblocks, the outage affected social media platforms, including X, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, prompting speculation and reactions from Pakistani netizens. Some users quipped, “They are scared of Khan’s AI,” highlighting the unique circumstances surrounding the virtual meet.

PTI condemned the reported disruptions, framing them as “proof of fear” of the party’s “unprecedented popularity.” The party accused the regime of deliberately slowing down internet speed and disrupting social media platforms to hinder PTI’s historic Virtual Jalsa.

Despite the internet slowdown, Imran Khan’s online meeting on ‘X’ spaces reportedly attracted an impressive audience of 1.5 million users.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) did not provide comments on the reported disruptions, leaving questions unanswered about the cause of the internet outage.

This incident follows previous instances of internet restrictions in Pakistan, including a global ranking for imposing internet restrictions during the first half of 2023. In May, during violent protests following Imran Khan’s arrest, the PTA acknowledged suspending mobile broadband nationwide based on the interior ministry’s directives.

The disruption during the PTI’s virtual event adds another layer to the ongoing political dynamics in Pakistan, with social media playing a crucial role in political communication and mobilization. As the situation unfolds, concerns about internet freedoms and access persist in the country.

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