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Instagram to Introduce New Feature Allowing Users to Disable Read Receipts in DMs

Instagram is set to unveil a new feature that permits users to disable read receipts in Direct Messages (DMs). Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the option to toggle read receipts on his broadcast channel, indicating that the feature is in development.

While the specific release date for this feature has not been disclosed, Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, shared a screenshot of the upcoming read receipts toggle on his broadcast channel. Mosseri mentioned that Instagram users will soon have the ability to “choose when to let others see when they’ve read their messages.”

According to the screenshot provided by Mosseri, the ‘Read receipts’ toggle can be located in Instagram’s ‘Privacy and Safety’ section. This feature will be particularly useful for users who wish to read messages without alerting the sender that they’ve opened the conversation. Additionally, Instagram appears to be working on a redesigned settings menu, as the current version doesn’t match the one shared by Mosseri.

Meta’s instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, already offers a similar toggle to prevent other users from knowing when a message has been read. However, the Messenger app by the tech giant lacks this feature.

In recent months, Meta has introduced several new functionalities to Instagram, including the ability to display music lyrics in Reels, a customizable AI friend, and a collaborative carousel feature allowing users to add photos and videos to other users’ posts. While the exact release date remains uncertain, the option to disable read receipts in DMs is likely to be welcomed by many Instagram users.

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