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Instagram Threads Introduces ‘Tags’ – A Twist on Traditional Hashtags

In a recent update, Instagram Threads, the counterpart to X (formerly Twitter), has introduced a new feature named ‘Tags’ that functions similarly to hashtags. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced this innovative addition, highlighting its unique functionalities that set it apart from conventional hashtags.

Threads Tags categorize and group similar posts under specific topics, providing users with a novel way to organize content and engage in conversations. Although bearing a resemblance to hashtags, Threads Tags come with a distinctive twist. Mosseri conveyed this development through a Threads post and invited user feedback.

According to Mosseri, the function of tags on Instagram Threads aligns with that of hashtags, serving as an effective means to connect with individuals interested in the topics users discuss. The update is designed to offer users a valuable avenue to delve deeper into their interests and engage in meaningful conversations.

“The ability to tag a topic on your post is now rolling out globally so you can categorize your posts and make it easier for others to find and join in on the conversation. Try it out and let us know your feedback,” Mosseri announced in the Threads post.

A significant distinction between Instagram Threads Tags and traditional hashtags is apparent. When users add tags, they use ‘#’ inline with the text, but the tags don’t visibly appear in the published post. Instead, they manifest as blue text, resembling a hyperlink in the published content. Additionally, users can include a tag by tapping the ‘#’ symbol on the new post user interface.

Unlike hashtags, Instagram Threads restricts users to only one tag or topic per post. This approach aims to simplify the search process for users seeking posts related to a specific topic or tag of interest, contrasting with the common practice of using multiple hashtags to broaden post reach.

In a previous update earlier this month, Threads enhanced its keyword search capabilities, accommodating all languages. This development positions Threads as a formidable competitor to X, as confirmed by Mosseri, who stated that keyword search is now “supported in all languages.” Instagram parent Meta initially tested Tags with users in Australia last month before its global rollout.

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