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IndiGo Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Pakistan Due to Medical Emergency

An international flight operated by IndiGo, en route from Jeddah to Hyderabad, was compelled to make an emergency landing in Karachi, Pakistan, following a medical emergency on board. Unfortunately, the passenger in distress did not survive, and the incident underscores the challenges posed by in-flight medical emergencies.

IndiGo flight 6E 68, destined for Hyderabad, had to divert to Karachi after a passenger experienced a medical emergency on Wednesday. Despite prompt attention from a doctor upon arrival, the passenger could not be revived and was declared dead upon reaching Karachi.

In an official statement, the airline acknowledged the situation, stating, “There was a medical emergency on board IndiGo flight 6E 68 operating from Jeddah to Hyderabad. The captain diverted the flight to Karachi, where the passenger was attended to by a doctor on arrival.” The unfortunate outcome was the passenger’s demise.

The airline elaborated that after completing the necessary formalities in Karachi, the flight resumed its journey and landed in Hyderabad at 0908 IST.

This incident follows a similar occurrence in August, where an IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Ranchi was redirected to Nagpur due to a medical emergency on board.

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