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“Indian Students in Canada Face No Disruption, Ongoing Studies Unaffected,” Assures IDP Education Regional Director

In terms of preferred locations for Indian students seeking an overseas education, Canada has continuously placed highly. In 2022, 225,940 of the 549,260 study permits granted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) were given to Indian nationals. According to IRCC data, out of the 289,875 study permits awarded by Canada in the first seven months of this year, 107,855 were issued to Indians.

The affordability of Canada among Indian students is a strong motivator for its appeal. The minimal tuition to study in Canada is about 12,000 Canadian dollars per year, which is far less expensive than colleges and universities in other developed nations.

Piyush Kumar, Regional Director, South Asia and Mauritius, IDP Education, analyses the situation in an exclusive interview to soothe students’ and parents’ concerns about education in Canada and offers preventative measures.

What is the present status for Indian students now studying in Canada and those seeking to study in Canada?

Our students who are currently enrolled there have communicated to us that their academic endeavours are unaffected and that there is no need for concern.

What are the main worries of both parents and students?

It’s important to emphasise that students already pursuing their education in Canada have not experienced any real negative repercussions, despite the fact that it’s understandable for students and their parents to worry about the safety of studying there given the current situation. We would avoid using the word “cautious” when referring to using caution. Instead, we advise both students who are already in Canada and those who are thinking about moving to keep an eye out for any new information surrounding this situation and go through with their study plans accordingly.

Furthermore, being in regular contact with family and friends is a wonderful approach for students who are currently living in Canada to make sure they are aware of their situation in real life.

Should prospective students put their plans on hold until the dust settles?

We anticipate that Indian students will continue to travel to Canada as long as Canada continues to grant them visas, barring a significant negative development in the next weeks and months. While prospective students should keep a careful eye on the situation, they can move forward with their preparations so long as things stay calm. We advise anyone planning to register in the forthcoming Spring intake to expedite their visa applications as a precaution.

How long does it take to obtain a student visa for Canada? Is it now being delayed?

India has currently stopped providing temporary visa services to Canada, but Canada has not made a comparable announcement. As a result, student visas will continue to be issued in accordance with the current processes; as of right now, there have been no reported delays in the issuance of student visas to Indian students. Typically, it takes 3 to 4 weeks to receive a visa.

This suggests that the recent rise in diplomatic tensions will have no impact on Indian students who are already studying in Canada or who have already obtained study visas there.

What happens if the students put a semester off of their programme? What occurs to the educational loan?

If a student chooses to postpone their programme by a semester, their enrollment is normally deferred to the next available intake. In these situations, educational loans are typically granted in accordance with the detailed rules or requirements of the programme.

What is madad.gov? How does it benefit learners?

The Indian government has urged students to register on madad.gov.in for onshore help from the Indian government whether they want to study in Canada or are already there.

How can IDP help Indian students who want to study abroad with their educational plans?

IDP Education is a leader in providing services for international education. It has a presence worldwide in 35 countries thanks to a network of more than 190 international student placement center’s.

IDP in India currently has 73 offices spread throughout 63 cities and assists students and their families with every step of the study abroad process, including choosing a university or course, submitting an application, getting help with the visa application, preparing for departure, and more.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), which is recognized by more than 11,500 organization’s in 140 countries, is also co-owned by IDP.

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Source: LIVE Mint

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