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Indian PM Modi and UK’s PM Sunak Discuss Middle East Situation and FTA Progress

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his British counterpart, Rishi Sunak, engaged in a telephone conversation on November 3. Their discussion covered several significant topics, including the evolving situation in the Middle East and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. In addition, the leaders reviewed the latest advancements in Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations.

Regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict, both leaders expressed deep concern about terrorism, deteriorating security conditions, and the tragic loss of civilian lives. They emphasized the critical need for regional peace, security, stability, and ongoing humanitarian support, as conveyed by the Indian Prime Minister’s Office.

Furthermore, the leaders acknowledged the distressing situation in the Middle East, specifically condemning Hamas’s attacks on Israel. They underlined that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people and stressed the importance of de-escalating tensions in the broader region.

This perspective aligns with previous statements from various countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, regarding Hamas’s representation of the Palestinian population.

Prime Minister Sunak highlighted the significance of safeguarding innocent civilians in Gaza and ensuring the unimpeded flow of aid into the region. The United Kingdom had previously committed to providing millions of dollars in humanitarian aid to support the people of Gaza.

In the past, India had sent substantial amounts of medical aid and disaster relief materials to Gaza via Egypt, demonstrating its commitment to assisting those in need.

In addition to discussing international issues, the two leaders touched upon bilateral relations and the ongoing FTA negotiations. They recognized the importance of achieving an ambitious trade deal that benefits both nations. These negotiations have been ongoing, and both leaders aim to finalize the agreement this year.

It’s worth noting that Prime Minister Sunak had previously mentioned that there was still work to be done to conclude a free trade pact with India.

Lastly, Prime Minister Modi congratulated his British counterpart on completing one year in office successfully. Following the call, Prime Minister Modi shared his thoughts on social media, emphasizing the need to combat terror and violence, express concern about civilian casualties, and work toward regional peace and humanitarian support.

Both leaders pledged to stay in touch and extended festive Diwali greetings, underscoring their commitment to further strengthen bilateral relations and comprehensive strategic partnerships. This commitment encompasses various areas, including trade, investment, emerging technology, defense, security, and health, as detailed by the Prime Minister’s Office.

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Source: WION News

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