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Haryana Government Permits 24-Hour Restaurant Operations in Gurugram Amidst Controversy

In order to satisfy late-night desires and the needs of MNC employees, the Haryana government has permitted a 24-hour restaurant operation in Gurugram. However, restaurant owners’ top priority continues to be security. Reactions to Dushyant Chautala’s announcement as deputy chief minister in Gurugram and Faridabad have been conflicted. Local RWAs and citizen councils reject the action, citing worries for law and order. While RWAs urged the directive be withdrawn, restaurant associations asked for a precise time frame and standard operating practice.

Inderjeet Banga, a member of the National Restaurant Association, believes the move will make Gurugram cosmopolitan and transform the food industry, generating more revenue and employment opportunities. This will not only meet the party culture of ‘Millennium City’ but also contribute to the state’s overall economic growth.

According to Sahil Sambhi, owner of Vietnom in Cyber Hub and Worldmark, there is no longer any need for packaged meals or online ordering from cloud kitchens. Customers and restaurant owners benefit equally from the state government’s decision to permit 24-hour operations. By making this choice, the city’s evening economy is boosted, midnight hunger is satisfied, graveyard shift employees have a comfortable place to stay, and job prospects are created.

Restaurants must comply with the Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Act of 1958 and register with the labor department. The local economy will benefit, restaurants can offer people more convenience, and owners will make additional funds.

Residents of sectors such as 56, 14, 15, 17, 31, and MG Road share concerns about noise, exhaust fumes, and unlawful parking. Around 20 restaurants may be found throughout the market, and most of them are close to homes.

Throughout the day, residents must contend with noise, car fumes, and illegal parking. Residents are worried that the annoyance would continue into the night because it takes them 30 minutes to go from the highway into the neighborhood because of blocked roads and vehicles. This problem cannot always be tolerated, according to Sector 15’s Dharmveer Yadav.

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