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Chandrayaan-3’s Historic Achievement: Lighting Up the Dark Side of the Moon

In a remarkable triumph, India’s Chandrayaan-3 has achieved a flawless soft landing near the moon’s South Pole, marking a momentous stride for the nation and its ascent to the esteemed global space community. This event, which took place at 6:04 pm, has ignited jubilation among millions and cemented India’s place in the annals of space exploration.

Here are the key highlights of this groundbreaking story:

  1. First South Pole Landing: India has secured its position as the pioneer in lunar exploration by becoming the first country to successfully land near the moon’s South Pole. This region, of late, has garnered tremendous interest due to the discovery of water traces on the moon.
  2. Triumphant Moment: The touchdown event unfolded amidst exuberant celebrations in the war room of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Social media platforms buzzed with congratulatory messages, reflecting the nationwide pride.
  3. Global Virtual Presence: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was attending the BRICS Summit in South Africa, joined the event virtually. He expressed, “This moment signifies the triumph of a resurgent India. It pulsates with the spirit of 1.4 billion hearts.”
  4. Human-Centric Approach: Modi accentuated that the successful lunar landing is a testimony to the relentless dedication and brilliance of Indian scientists. He emphasized that India’s moon mission embodies a human-centric approach, ensuring that this achievement belongs to all of humanity. Moreover, it sets a promising precedent for international moon missions.
  5. Pragyan Rover’s Mission: Over the forthcoming 14 days, equivalent to one lunar day, the Pragyan Rover will transmit images and vital data from the moon’s surface. As it relies on solar cells for power, its activity might gradually decrease after this period.
  6. Intricate Landing Sequence: The landing process involved a series of intricate maneuvers. The Vikram lander utilized four engines, with two engines shutting down in the last 30 kilometers to manage speed and execute a precise soft landing.
  7. Dusty Lunar Surface: The successful landing stirred up fine lunar dust. Consequently, the deployment of the rover Pragyan will occur once the dust settles, bearing in mind the moon’s lower gravity that prevents dust from settling as on Earth.
  8. National Excitement: The event’s live telecast captured the attention of the entire nation. The ISRO website, YouTube channel, and DD National aired the event from 5:20 pm onwards. Schools remained open, while enthusiastic space aficionados organized gatherings to commemorate this historic moment.
  9. Legacy of Vikram Sarabhai: The moon lander, named Vikram, pays homage to Vikram Sarabhai, often hailed as the architect of India’s space program. This gesture underscores his pioneering contributions.
  10. Future Endeavors: Post the successful moon mission, ISRO has an array of ambitious projects in its pipeline. Among them, a mission to study the Sun, and the Gaganyaan program for human space flight. Aditya-L1, India’s maiden space-based solar observatory, is anticipated to launch in the first week of September.

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Image Source: News18

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