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IIT Madras Pravartak Launches ‘Out of the Box’ Math Course

IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation has invited applications for the ‘out of the box thinking’ (OOBT) through Mathematics course, which is aimed at nurturing creative thinking among school students, college students, and working professionals.

The ‘OOBT’ programme comprises four levels, each lasting 10 weeks with periodic assignments and solutions. IIT Madras Pravartak is planning to reach as many as one million school and college students besides working professionals and researchers.

The last date for registration is August 9, 2024. The OOBT course for all four levels will commence on August 10, 2024. Interested learners can register at https://iitmpravartak.org.in/out-of-box-thinking. The course will be available online, free of cost to everyone. For further details about the syllabus and eligibility for different levels, students can visit https://iitmpravartak.org.in/out-of-box-thinking.

Prof V Kamakoti, director, IIT Madras, says, “‘Out of the box’ thinking is very important in solving real-world problems through an innovative approach. Applying out-of-the-box thinking in mathematics fosters creativity and encourages thinking beyond standard formulae and methods, leading to novel approaches and unique solutions.”

Highlighting the importance of critical thinking skills among students, Kamakoti says, “Out-of-the-box thinking develops critical thinking skills as individuals learn to question assumptions, explore alternatives, and evaluate solutions from different perspectives. Many technological and scientific advancements are the result of innovative mathematical thinking. Encouraging out-of-the-box thinking can lead to breakthroughs and discoveries in fields ranging from engineering to medical sciences. Empowering the young minds to think differently is crucial for our country’s development and prosperity.”

The OOBT course will be offered through IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation, a Section 8 company not-for-profit company established by IIT Madras and funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS).

The course is designed and conducted by Sadagopan Rajesh, Mathematics educator and founder-director of Aryabhatta Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Interested candidates may also register for an optional, in-person proctored exam conducted at centres in select cities across India for a nominal fee.

Learners will receive a grade certificate issued by IIT Madras Pravartak based on their exam performance. The in-person proctored exam for the course will be conducted in December 2024 at various locations across India.

IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation has initiated partnerships with schools to help students benefit from the Mathematics course. Schools can nominate teachers, who can act as the bridge between IIT Madras Pravartak Foundation and their respective schools or educational institutions.

The primary role of an OOBT school coordinator is to promote, facilitate, and oversee the implementation of the course within the school, encouraging student participation and providing necessary support throughout the learning process. Any teacher from a school can register with the permission of the Head of the institution. IIT Madras Pravartak is planning to recognise schools and the school coordinators who are actively participating in this initiative.

Interested schools can register their teachers as School Coordinators through the following link: https://iitmpravartak.org.in/out-of-box-thinking.

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