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IIT Madras Launches Online Additive Manufacturing Program for Engineers

Through its Centre for Outreach and Digital Education (CODE), the Indian Institute of Technology Madras is offering an online certificate program in “Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Practicing Engineers.”

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is gaining popularity as a method of producing numerous engineering and biological components. AM has enormous promise for usage in a variety of technical and biological applications. It has already established itself as a feasible, cost-effective, and net-shape manufacturing technology for low-volume production of complex body implants with unique custom-made designs.

The purpose of this course is to provide a thorough review of pre and post processing methodologies, design strategy for additive manufacturing, and operational concepts of additive manufacturing processes.

Engineers in practice can learn about the underlying principles that govern diverse additive manufacturing processes, as well as how this knowledge is utilized in service to increase the commercial applicability of available additive manufacturing technologies. Learners who complete this course will be able to jump-start their careers in additive manufacturing.

This course’s learning objectives include the following:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of AM processes, materials, and design for AM and post-processing methodologies
  2. Learn the generic process chain of AM Technologies through hands-on training
  3. Obtain an ability to apply AM technologies disruptively in various engineering industries
  4. Analyze and appreciate the impact of AM technologies in product design and development
  5. Comprehend the testing, qualification, standardization methods, and procedures for AM materials and components

“This course is aimed at practicing engineers and middle level managers who have not received classroom teaching on additive manufacturing,” said Murugaiyan Amirthalingam, associate professor, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Madras. This course is designed to teach both the foundations and applications of additive manufacturing technologies. This course will benefit those who want to apply various AM technologies in their organization.”

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