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IIM Indore and TimesPro Introduce MMS Program

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore and TimesPro have launched the Master of Management Studies (MMS), a postgraduate degree program, to assist students in learning the art of management and leadership in the digital age.

The two-year Master of Management Studies program fosters learners’ cross-functional competencies. The training combines leadership positions, financial acumen, and marketing skills to improve participants’ strategic talents. The curriculum emphasizes leadership and instills a feeling of accountability and integrity in corporate decision-making. Learners will be led towards becoming responsible business practitioners.

Professor Himanshu Rai, director, IIM Indore says, “The launch of the Master of Management Studies programme at IIM Indore with TimesPro is a significant step towards nurturing future leaders. The programme develops professionals who can lead with integrity, navigate uncertainties, and contribute towards the growth of the organisation. The comprehensive curriculum of the programme emphasises ethical leadership, and critical skill development that help learners to excel in a changing business landscape.”

Anish Srikrishna, CEO, TimesPro said, “The Master of Management Studies programme is a new entrant to the post-graduate management degree space catering for the executive aspirants. I sincerely believe that the collaboration with IIM Indore will play a significant role in preparing professionals for success in a dynamic, disruption-led business environment. Learners will gain requisite skill and knowledge to navigate the modern challenges of the global ecosystem.”

The curriculum will be delivered online using TimesPro’s Interactive Learning (IL) platform in a Direct-to-Device (D2D) mode.

Learners will receive insights from IIM Indore’s renowned teachers and industry leaders, offering a global perspective.

Students will also get the opportunity to visit the esteemed university for 12 days as part of their immersion program during the first and sixth semesters.

The Master of Management Studies allows students to specialise in topics such as Economics, Communications, Finance and Accounting, Information Systems, OB and HR, OM and QT, Strategy, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The program effortlessly mixes cutting-edge curriculum with real-world case studies, simulations, interactive learning experiences, and more.

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