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IDF: Over 8,000 Rockets Fired, 250,000 Israelis Evacuate From Their Homes

The Israel Defence Force (IDF) has released an update on the situation in Israel, revealing that since the initial attack by Hamas on October 7, more than 8,000 rockets have been fired at Israel. This escalation has prompted the evacuation of approximately 250,000 Israeli civilians from their homes.

In a statement posted by the IDF on a platform (X), they emphasized that “Israel is still under fire,” highlighting the daily barrage of over 300 rockets directed at Israel.

The report also noted that 27 days have passed since the initial rocket attacks by Hamas on October 7. Currently, there are 242 hostages held in Gaza, with 30 of them being children.

The IDF shared a video illustrating the situation in the Gaza Strip, showcasing Hamas’ military operational centers and headquarters, where they plan their attacks. The video also revealed the weaponry and artillery used by Hamas to target Israeli civilians, along with stockpiles of rocket launchers responsible for a significant portion of Hamas’ rocket fire.

Furthermore, the video exposed the locations where Hamas militants hide, often beneath civilian infrastructure such as homes, schools, and hospitals. The IDF concluded the video with a firm stance, emphasizing the necessity of addressing the threat posed by Hamas.

The IDF has consistently communicated that their primary objective is the safety of both Israeli and Gazan civilians. They have urged the residents of Gaza to evacuate to the southern regions, emphasizing this message through various means, including spoken, printed, and televised messages over the past three weeks.

The IDF’s main priorities are to secure the release of the hostages held by Hamas, including children, women, and men, and to ensure that Hamas is no longer capable of launching attacks against Israelis. They are dedicated to pursuing these goals, and they have emphasized their commitment to achieving them.

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Source: Business Standard

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