How to get rid of Morning Anxiety?

How to get rid of Morning Anxiety?
How to get rid of Morning Anxiety?

If you go through morning anxiety even when you have no real concerns, it is the right time for you to follow certain health routines that is sure to get rid of the anxiety blues. Here it is really important to develop or promote calmness and serenity in your chaotic or rather disturbed mind. Here are some simple tips that will be really helpful for you in getting rid of morning anxiety.

  • Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

Change your sleeping habits. Avoid being a night owl, and offer your mind a good sleep of over 7-8 hours. Stop looking at screens at least half an hour before bed. You can also opt for a quick meditation or yoga before going to sleep. Good sleep is always a vital part of perfect biological functioning and keeps you active the whole day.

  • Meditation- Don’t doubt it

Believe it, meditating in the morning helps the mind to get relaxed and focus on the present rather than the past or future. It is sure to clear your headspace and set your tensions out. So, please donot forget to follow the 4-7-8 Breathing Pattern, developed by Andrew Weil.

  • Write it Down

Yes! Just express your thoughts on paper by writing whatever is going in your mind in the morning. No need to write a full paragraph or even a sentence; you are free to write any nonsense thing that is going on in your mind. It has always been suggested to share your sad/happy emotions with close ones to feel light, in the same way, if you write down your morning thoughts it is sure to help you take things out of your headspace.  

  • Yoga- The perfect aid

Physical meditation is equally helpful in making you feel relaxed and stay lively for the day with a positive attitude. Yoga is undoubtedly one of the best habits that need to get included in your morning schedule.

  • Sight of greens

How about going on a walk in a park or just a walk down the lane and enjoying the beauty of nature? Yes, it is really helpful in many ways. The sight of greenery helps in soothing your eyes and refreshing your mind. Spending some time with nature is always advantageous to the human body.


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