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Hina Khan’s Emotional Haircut During Cancer Treatment Touches Hearts

Hina Khan, currently undergoing chemotherapy for stage three breast cancer, shared a heartfelt video on Thursday morning detailing her journey. The video shows Hina preparing to cut her own hair, with her mother heard crying in the background.

In the video, Hina’s hairstylist hands her the scissors, and she begins cutting her hair herself before he continues. Towards the end, Hina expresses, “I feel liberated.”

In a heartfelt note accompanying the video, Hina wrote, “You can hear my mother’s wailing voice in Kashmiri (blessing me) in the background as she prepared herself to witness something she never dared to imagine.” She continued, “I choose to let go of my beautiful hair before it starts falling off. I didn’t want to endure this mental breakdown for weeks. So, I choose to let go of my crown because I’ve realized my real crown is my COURAGE, my STRENGTH, and the love I have for myself.”

Hina also shared her plan to use her hair to make a wig for herself, adding, “Hair will grow back, eyebrows will return, scars will fade, but the spirit must remain whole.”

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