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Hema Malini Discusses Family Dynamics with Sunny and Bobby Deol, Explains Absence from Karan Deol’s Wedding

Veteran actress Hema Malini sheds light on the close-knit relationships within her family, addressing the bonds between her daughters Ahana and Esha, and her stepsons, Sunny and Bobby Deol. While the family isn’t inclined to share every moment on social media, their unity remains steadfast. Hema Malini also clarifies her absence from Karan Deol’s wedding and expresses her happiness over Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 success.

Hema Malini, in the interview, emphasizes the strong bonds within her family. She shares, “We are not that kind of family who constantly post on social media… We are all very much together, always together. Any problem we are always together with each other.” Despite their preference for privacy, their unity and mutual support are unshakable.

Reflecting on the massive success of Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2, Hema Malini expresses her joy and attributes the triumph to Sunny’s immense popularity. She recalls advising him to give his best to the project and praises his commitment to it. She says, “Massive success because people love Sunny a lot… He did this picture and I am so thrilled about it.”

Hema Malini addresses the speculation surrounding her absence from Karan Deol’s wedding. She mentions that there was a reason she couldn’t attend, but she clarifies that Sunny and Bobby have been part of her family’s Raksha Bandhan celebrations since the beginning.

Dharmendra was previously married to Prakash Kaur, with whom he has children Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Ajieta, and Vijeta. With Hema Malini, he shares daughters Esha and Ahana. While eyebrows were raised when Hema Malini and Esha did not attend Karan Deol’s wedding, Esha did extend her best wishes to the newlyweds on social media. Dharmendra later posted an old picture with Esha, expressing his love and appreciation for his family.

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Source: News18

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