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Heatwave in Delhi: 5 Dead, 12 on Life Support

The national capital of Delhi is burning owing to a scorching heatwave; at least 12 people are on life support at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, where five people have died in the past two days. Heatstrokes are also causing a large number of admissions to other Delhi hospitals.

22 patients have been hospitalised to the state-run hospital due to heatstrokes, according to Dr. Ajay Shukla, medical superintendent, who spoke with NDTV. “Five patients died and 12 or 13 patients are on ventilator support,” he stated.

The senior doctor warned that the mortality rate in heatstroke cases is quite high — about 60-70 per cent. “If the patient is brought late to the hospital, one organ after the other starts failing. There is a lack of awareness. A lot of these patients are migrant labourers. Also, the symptoms (of heatstroke) can be easily missed or mistaken for something else. It’s only when patients faint that their relatives feel that hospitalisation is needed.”

Dr Shukla said there is a need to spread awareness about heatstroke. “We need to educate people. Instead of rushing to the hospital, if you suspect that a person is suffering from heatstroke, you must start the cooling there and then. Use water, ice, while trying to get them to the hospital. We have also equipped ambulances so that they can start cooling immediately after they reach the patients.” 

Delhi residents are reeling under an unrelenting heatwave for nearly a month now. Minimum temperatures in the city have crossed the 35 degrees mark — several degrees above normal — and maximum temperatures hover around the 45 degrees mark. Tap water is hot through the day, and even air-conditioners are struggling to bring relief.

The weather office has said in its forecast that heatwave conditions are likely to continue over most parts of north India for the next 24 hours and abate after that.

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Source: NDTV

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