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Haryana Board Exams: Cheating Cases Drop from Over 5000 to 800

The Haryana School Education Board (BSEH), Bhiwani, declared today that the annual Secondary / Senior Secondary (Academic and Open School) exams have finished at 1,484 examination centres.

According to Haryana Board data, 5,80,533 applicants took part in the 2024 board examinations, with 3,07,333 boys and 2,73,200 girls.

Dr. V.P. Yadav, Chairman of Haryana Board said that the board had adopted a zero tolerance policy towards those who cheat, due to which there has been a huge decline in cheating. He said that CCTV cameras, command and control rooms were installed at the board headquarters to keep a check on cheating. Additionally, the education board used question papers equipped with hidden security features along with QR code and alpha-numeric code to completely curb cheating.

This time an attempt was made to leak the paper at some examination centres, the education board decoded the QR code and hidden security feature on the question paper and immediately reached the examination centres and identified and nabbed all those involved in cheating and cases have been registered against them.

As per the data made available by the Haryana Board, 5064 cheating cases were registered in the year 2018, 4444 in the year 2019, 3551 in the year 2022. Due to the new technology adopted by the Education Board, only 1741 cases of unfair means were registered in 2023 and only 807 cases of use of unfair means have been registered this year across the state.

He further said that apart from this, the examinations of 31 examination centers were canceled this year due to breach of sanctity. The re-examination of the canceled examinations has been conducted at the district headquarters from 04 April to 07 April. If we look at the data of the last five years, the examinations of 43 examination centers were canceled in the year 2018, 109 in the year 2019, 30 in the year 2020, 63 in the year 2022 and 40 in the year 2023.

Additionally, the Haryana Board announced that in the year 2018, the results of secondary were declared in 51 days and senior secondary in 45 days, in the year 2019, in 44 days and senior secondary in 46 days, in the year 2020, in 116 days and senior secondary in 125 days, in the year 2022, in 58 days and senior secondary in 49 days, in the year 2023, the results of secondary were declared in 52 days and senior secondary in 48 days. The Board Chairman said that keeping in view the future of the candidates, efforts will be made to declare the results of this year’s exam in less time than in the previous years.

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(Source: The Indian Express)

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