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H-1B Visa Registration Deadline for Indians: All You Need to Know Before March 22

The deadline for H-1B visa registration is set for March 22. This year, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has introduced a fully online system for the registration process.

Prospective petitioners and legal representatives must use the USCIS online account during this period. They are required to electronically register for the selection process and pay the associated registration fee for each beneficiary, as announced by the federal agency on March 18.

For Indian applicants, this transition signifies adapting to a new, more efficient method of submission. The online system facilitates a smoother application experience and allows for real-time tracking of applications. This is particularly advantageous for the numerous Indian IT professionals and businesses who significantly contribute to the H-1B visa demand, promising a reduction in paperwork and associated costs.

With the deadline set for noon ET on March 22, applicants must gather and submit all required documentation promptly.

The process has become more collaborative with the introduction of myUSCIS organisational accounts, enabling multiple individuals within an organisation, along with their legal representatives, to jointly prepare H-1B registrations.

Preparing for registration

In the initial registration phase, applicants must provide valid passport and travel document information. This underscores the importance of having all travel-related documentation in order, ensuring applicants are ready to enter the US upon visa issuance.

Form I-129, a petition for a non-immigrant worker for H-1B petitions, and Form I-907, a request for premium processing service, are accessible in USCIS online accounts.

FY 2025 registration

Starting from April 1, a candidate must pay $110 in visa fees, marking a significant increase from $10. This is the first hike in visa fees since 2016. Additionally, registration fees for H-1B visas have been raised from $10 to $215.

The FY 2025 H-1B cap introduces a lottery system where registrations are selected based on individual beneficiaries, not employers. This ensures equal opportunities for each beneficiary and reduces the chances of fraud by eliminating the submission of multiple registrations for the same person.

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(Source: Business Standard)

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