GRE Test Revolutionized: Duration Cut in Half Starting September

Educational Testing Service (ETS) Introduces Streamlined and Time-Efficient GRE General Test


In a groundbreaking development, the GRE General Test, a widely recognized examination for graduate, business, and law school admissions, is set to undergo a significant transformation from September 2023. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) announced that the test duration will be halved, revolutionizing the assessment process and making it the shortest and most efficient test of its kind.

The forthcoming changes to the GRE General Test will significantly reduce the time required to complete the examination, bringing it down to less than two hours. This notable reduction in duration is expected to streamline the testing experience for candidates, providing them with a more focused and time-effective assessment opportunity. The revamped format aims to enhance efficiency while maintaining the test’s integrity and validity.

ETS, the organization responsible for administering the GRE, expressed its enthusiasm for the forthcoming improvements. They emphasized that the shorter duration would not compromise the test’s ability to accurately evaluate candidates’ abilities and aptitudes. In fact, ETS highlighted that the new format would make the GRE even more convenient and accessible for aspiring students.

One of the key benefits of the streamlined GRE General Test is the expedited release of official scores. ETS revealed that candidates can now anticipate receiving their scores in just 8-10 days, a significant improvement from the previous waiting period. This accelerated score delivery system will undoubtedly benefit candidates who are eager to receive their results promptly, enabling them to proceed with their graduate school applications without unnecessary delays.

The introduction of a shorter and more efficient GRE General Test marks a progressive step in the realm of standardized testing. This transformation reflects ETS’s commitment to continuously enhance the examination experience for test-takers, aligning it with the demands and expectations of today’s academic landscape. As aspiring graduate, business, and law school students eagerly await the implementation of the revised test, this development promises to simplify the assessment process and empower candidates to showcase their abilities more effectively.


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