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Government initiatives curbed import of toys by 50%: DPIIT Secretary

Rajesh Kumar Singh, secretary of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), highlighted the significant impact of government initiatives on the toy industry in India.

In an exclusive interview with ANI, Singh reported a 50 per cent reduction in toy imports over the past decade, attributing this to measures such as the National Action Plan for Toys (NAPT), higher import duties, and mandatory quality control orders designed to prevent the influx of substandard toys.

Singh said, “Today’s interaction between major retail players like Flipkart and various members of the toy association and enterprises that make toys is meant to promote the sourcing of toys from India for the majors, both for India and for the international market.”

He further said, “And you will be aware that due to the various initiatives by the government, including the National Toy Action Plan, the higher import duty combined with mandatory quality control orders, the dumping of substandard toys in the toy industry and in India has shown significant growth in the last two years.”

“Exports have gone up over 200 per cent and imports is plunged by about 50 per cent. This initiative today is part of that ongoing initiative to ensure that more and more of our products from our toy industry find access to national and international markets through major retailers like Flipkart and Amazon,” he added.

Singh also mentioned the workshop organised by DPIIT on Wednesday, which was attended by major retail players like Flipkart and Amazon, members of the Toy Association and enterprises involved in toy manufacturing. The focus of the workshop was to promote the sourcing of toys from India for both domestic and international markets.

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