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Google Settles $5 Billion Lawsuit Over Chrome’s ‘Incognito’ Mode Concerns

Google has reached a preliminary settlement in a consumer privacy lawsuit, with plaintiffs seeking at least $5 billion in damages over allegations that the tech giant tracked users in the “incognito” mode of its Chrome browser. The lawsuit claimed that users were misled into thinking their online activity was private, while internal emails revealed Google was tracking them for web traffic measurement and ad targeting. The settlement is yet to disclose the amount, and a formal approval is expected by February 24, 2024. This legal development follows a recent denial of Google’s request for the case to be decided without a jury trial.

Key Points:

  1. Background: Lawsuit filed in 2020 alleging Google’s infringement on user privacy through deceptive practices in the Chrome browser’s incognito mode.
  2. Allegations: Plaintiffs claimed Google tracked users even in private browsing, violating their privacy and seeking at least $5,000 per affected user.
  3. Settlement: Google and plaintiffs’ lawyers reached a preliminary agreement, avoiding a jury trial scheduled for next year.
  4. Details: Settlement amount undisclosed, and a formal approval is expected by February 24, 2024.
  5. Legal Landscape: Class action lawsuits increasingly used to address data privacy concerns in the absence of comprehensive U.S. laws.

This settlement highlights ongoing challenges faced by tech companies regarding user privacy, emphasizing the significance of transparent practices in the evolving digital landscape.

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