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Gabriel Attal Becomes France’s Youngest and First Gay Prime Minister

Gabriel Attal, 34, became the first and youngest openly gay head of government in France when Emmanuel Macron appointed him as the nation’s minister of education on Tuesday, according to AFP. Elisabeth Borne resigned from her position.

Elisabeth Borne resigned after less than two years in office, ahead of a widely expected cabinet change.

“The president of the republic appointed Mr Gabriel Attal prime minister and tasked him with forming a government,” a presidential statement said, according to AFP.

The chairman of Macron’s Renaissance party, Sylvain Maillard, welcomed Gabriel Attal on X (previously Twitter), stating, “I am confident that you will faithfully carry out our project and embody the values that are ours.”

Who is France’s new Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal?

He will be France’s youngest prime minister and the first to be openly gay, France MP Patrick Vignal said, adding, “Gabriel Attal is a bit like the Macron of 2017” as when the French president took office he was the youngest leader in modern French history.

Gabriel Attal “is clear, he has authority”, the MP said.

Why Emmanuel Macron has chosen Gabriel Attal for the post?

Emmanuel Macron has struggled to deal with a more turbulent parliament since losing his absolute majority in 2022. Emmanuel Macron and Gabriel Attal can together bring a new lease of life to the government but opposition leader said that the French president will himself take on much of the decision-making.

“Elisabeth Borne, Gabriel Attal or someone else, I don’t care, it will just be the same policies,” Socialist Party leader Olivier Faure said.

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