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France Grounds Nicaragua-Bound Plane with 303 Indians Over Human Trafficking

A Romania-chartered plane en route from Dubai to Nicaragua, carrying 303 Indian passengers, has been detained in France on suspicion of human trafficking. The French authorities acted upon an anonymous tipoff, leading to the grounding of the flight at Vatry airport. The Indian embassy in France is actively investigating the situation, with embassy officials securing consular access and ensuring the well-being of the passengers.

The aircraft, operated by Romanian company Legend Airlines, had initially made a technical stopover at Vatry airport. The passengers were permitted to stay onboard initially, but later the airport’s arrival lounge was converted into a waiting area with individual beds for better reception conditions.

As part of the ongoing investigation, France’s national anti-organized crime unit, JUNALCO, has taken charge. The judicial inquiry is aimed at examining the circumstances and purposes of the trip, with a particular focus on suspicions of human trafficking.

Reports suggest that the Indian passengers may have intended to travel to Central America with the possible aim of attempting illegal entry into the United States or Canada. The airport has been sealed off by the police, and some passengers are reportedly confined within the premises. Local officials also indicate that some passengers may be illegal migrants.

The situation is unfolding, with authorities working to determine the details surrounding the trip and the intentions of those on board. The detained aircraft remains grounded at Vatry airport, awaiting further developments in the investigation.

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