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Former President Kovind to Lead Committee on ‘One Nation, One Election’

The government on Friday established a committee under the leadership of former president Ram Nath Kovind to work on the “One Nation, One Election” legislation, which is expected to be the main focus of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, a day after announcing a special session of the parliament from September 18–22.

As the schedule for the special session of the parliament has not yet been released, government sources confirmed the creation of the committee under the former president.

According to sources, the committee was established to not only examine if legislation in this area could be introduced soon, but also to contact other political parties in order to find an agreement and ensure the law’s swift passage.

Since becoming the prime minister of the nation, Modi has been a steadfast supporter of the “one Nation, one election” concept since the code of conduct regulations associated with several elections—almost one per year—have a negative impact on development.

The prime minister has advocated for a discussion on simultaneous elections that is concluded by consensus on multiple occasions. The Lok Sabha and assembly elections used to be held concurrently until 1967, but the pattern was disrupted when president’s rule was imposed in a few states.

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