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Explore Paradise: Your Ultimate Itinerary for a Trip to Lakshadweep

After the Maldives experienced a boycott due to insulting statements made by its authorities against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Lakshadweep has emerged as the most sought-after tourist destination.

Amidst the diplomatic dispute between India and the Maldives, celebrities, ranging from actresses to cricket players, have publicly backed the promotion of nearby beach areas and other tourist sites.

Lakshadweep is the perfect holiday spot for those who enjoy the great outdoors, thanks to its gorgeous lagoons, sun-kissed beaches, and turquoise blue ocean. Here are some things you can do in the destination to ensure a comfortable stay if you’re planning a trip there soon.


Lakshadweep is noted for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear seas. Some of the islands to visit are Agatti, Bangaram Island, Minicoy Island, Thinnkarra Island, Kavaratti, and Kaadmat Island.

Lakshadweep has two primary packages for visitors: the cruise package and the customized package. The cruise package includes a stay on a cruise ship for the duration of your vacation, with numerous water activities and the opportunity to disembark at specific spots.

The tailored package allows travelers to explore both the smaller and bigger islands of Lakshadweep and stay at a variety of resorts around the archipelago. This package provides a more flexible and personalized experience, responding to individual choices and interests.

To go to Lakshadweep, take a plane from Cochin to Agatti, then a ferry to your preferred island.

Agatti Island offers a range of aquatic activities like as snorkeling, scuba diving, and glass-bottom boat excursions. During your vacation, you may also tour Agatti Island Beach and learn about the local culture.

From Agatti Island, you may take a boat to Bangaram Island and enjoy its gorgeous beaches and water sports. During your vacation, you may also take a sunset cruise or rest on the beach.

After seeing Bangaram Island, you may explore Kalpeni Island with its beaches and lagoons. Visit the island’s sights and sample the native food.

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