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Ex Pak PM Imran Khan’s 2024 Election Nomination Rejected By Poll Body

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s bid to contest the 2024 national elections in Pakistan has faced a setback as the election body rejected his nomination in two constituencies, citing legal and eligibility issues. The 71-year-old ex-cricket star, embroiled in a web of political and legal battles since his ousting in April 2022, remains unseen in public since his three-year jail sentence in August for the unlawful sale of state gifts during his 2018-2022 term.

Disqualification Amid Corruption Conviction

Despite being disqualified from the upcoming national elections scheduled for February 8 due to a corruption conviction and imprisonment, Imran Khan submitted nomination papers for candidacy on Friday. However, the Election Commission of Pakistan rejected his nominations in both Lahore and his hometown, Mianwali, on the grounds that he is not a registered voter in the respective constituencies and has been “convicted by the court of law and has been disqualified.”

Allegations of Targeting and Military Denial

Imran Khan, widely regarded as Pakistan’s most popular leader, claims to be targeted by the powerful military, which he alleges seeks to prevent his participation in the polls. The military, however, denies these allegations. The rejection of his nomination further intensifies the political turmoil surrounding Imran Khan’s future in Pakistani politics.

Recent Legal Developments

In a recent legal development, Pakistan’s Supreme Court granted Imran Khan bail in a case related to the leak of state secrets. This decision followed a high court’s refusal to suspend his disqualification from contesting the upcoming elections. The legal proceedings add complexity to the political landscape, as Imran Khan grapples with multiple challenges on both legal and electoral fronts.

As the political situation unfolds, Imran Khan’s disqualification raises questions about the direction of Pakistani politics and the impact on the upcoming elections. The rejection of his nomination underscores the complexities and tensions within the country’s political sphere.

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