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Ex-India Coach Evaluates Pacers’ Performance in SA Test Loss

In the wake of India’s innings-and-32-run defeat to South Africa in the Boxing Day Test, former India bowling coach Bharat Arun commended Jasprit Bumrah’s stellar performance in the 1st Test in Centurion. Bumrah, the standout bowler for India, claimed four wickets while conceding only 69 runs in 26.4 overs, showcasing his prowess on a challenging track.

Arun, however, expressed disappointment in the lack of support Bumrah received from his fellow pacers. Reflecting on the discipline exhibited by the South African bowlers, especially Rabada, Arun highlighted the precision in Rabada’s pitch map during the first innings. He noted that the ideal four-to-six-metre marks allowed for movement and seam off the wicket, emphasizing the importance of line and length in South African conditions.

While lauding Bumrah’s exceptional bowling, Arun criticized the inconsistency in the lines of the other Indian pacers. He pointed out the undesirable width and occasional short length, suggesting that such an approach is less effective in the challenging conditions of South Africa.

Arun emphasized the expectation for international-level bowlers to adapt swiftly, citing the experience of the Indian team. Despite missing the services of the injured Mohammed Shami, Arun viewed the ongoing series as an opportunity for other bowlers to step up and stake their claim in the playing XI.

Acknowledging Shami’s absence as a loss, Arun remained optimistic about the chance for emerging bowlers to prove their capabilities in Test cricket. He viewed it as an opportunity for others to showcase their skills and contribute significantly to the team’s success.

As India prepares for the second and final Test against South Africa in Cape Town, the focus will be on addressing the bowling concerns raised by Arun and delivering a more cohesive performance to level the series.

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