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Engineering Student Arrested for Rs 20 Lakh Amazon Fraud Scheme Using Fake Returns

An engineering student named Chirag Gupta, 22, hailing from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, has been apprehended for orchestrating a fraudulent scheme on Amazon. Gupta, along with 12 accomplices, ordered high-value electronic products such as Apple iPhones from Amazon, selected the “return product” option, and then failed to return the items after receiving refunds. This cunning operation resulted in a loss of over Rs 20 lakh to the e-commerce giant.

Fraudulent Operation and Accomplices

Gupta, a student at a reputable college near Yeshwantpur, Bangalore, collaborated with his friends, all of whom are engineering students as well. These actions were carried out under the direction of a few fraudsters, of whom the police have leads. All 12 accomplices have been issued notices to appear before the police for their involvement.

Deceptive Methodology and Refund Manipulation

The accused executed their plan by ordering products, including Apple iPhones, from Amazon and making online payments. Afterward, they claimed to return the items and received refunds exceeding Rs 3.7 lakh. However, investigation revealed that the products were never actually returned to Amazon’s warehouse. The accused went to the extent of manipulating the Amazon website to show that the items had been returned.

Suspected Insider Involvement

Authorities suspect the possible involvement of insiders, given the intricate nature of the fraud. The police have requested Amazon representatives to provide details about employees handling the website and related operations. It is believed that the fraudulent activities may not have been possible without insider assistance.

Prime Suspects and Commission Agreement

The police believe that Gupta and his accomplices were acting in accordance with the directives of the prime suspects. Moreover, there was an agreement between the prime suspects and the students, wherein the students received a 15-20% commission for participating in the cheating scheme. This arrangement further highlights the organized nature of the operation.

Seized Items and Financial Impact

Law enforcement authorities seized a substantial amount of evidence, including 16 Apple iPhones, two MacBook laptops, one mobile phone, one desktop with a hard disk, and an air cooler. All these items had been ordered from Amazon and were falsely marked for return. The total worth of the seized products is estimated to be more than Rs 20 lakh, resulting in a significant financial impact on Amazon.

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