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Elon Musk Says Ready To Offer ‘Help’ For Destroying Hamas, ‘There’s No Choice’

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), has stated his intention to “help” in the destruction of Hamas. Musk, currently in Israel, faced recent criticism from civil rights groups accusing him of amplifying antisemitism on X. The entrepreneur is set to discuss strategies to combat antisemitism online, along with addressing topics such as the Starlink satellite service in Gaza and AI safety.

During an online conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who emphasized the need to eliminate Hamas, Musk asserted, “There’s no choice,” expressing his agreement. Musk added, “I’d like to help as well.”

Musk highlighted one of the challenges in addressing anti-Semitism, pointing to the importance of “ultimately stopping the propaganda that is convincing people to engage in, you know, murder,” as reported by Yahoo News.

The discussion took place on the last day of a four-day truce brokered between Israel and Hamas, with ongoing talks to extend it. Qatar subsequently announced a two-day extension of the truce. Notably, on the previous day, Hamas released 17 hostages, including a 4-year-old Israeli-American girl, making a total of 58 released prisoners. In return, Israel released 117 Palestinian prisoners.

Israel has expressed openness to extending the truce, conditional on Hamas continuing to release hostages. International pressure has mounted for an extension, with U.S. President Joe Biden supporting the goal of prolonging the pause in fighting. Biden emphasized that the pause should endure “as long as prisoners keep coming out,” underlining the humanitarian aspect of the truce.

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