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Donald Trump Warns of Reciprocal Tax on Indian Products, Including Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Former US President Donald Trump has rekindled the issue of India’s tax policies on American products, specifically targeting iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Trump has threatened to impose a reciprocal tax on Indian goods if he were to win the 2024 US presidential elections. His comments revive the longstanding trade tensions between the two nations.

During his first term, Donald Trump referred to India as a “tariff king” and terminated India’s preferential market access in May 2019. This decision was based on the assertion that India did not provide equitable and reasonable market access to the United States.

In an interview with Fox Business News, Trump criticized India’s high tax rates, which he claimed exceeded 100 percent. He particularly highlighted the situation with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Trump mentioned that India imposed tariffs as high as 100 percent, 150 percent, and 200 percent on various products, making it challenging for US products like Harley-Davidson motorcycles to enter the Indian market.

Trump suggested the implementation of a matching tax policy, implying that if India charges tariffs on American goods, the US could reciprocate by imposing taxes on Indian products. He discussed the difficulties Harley-Davidson faced in India due to the exorbitant tariffs, noting that the high tariffs discouraged business interactions.

The former US President pointed out that India’s high tariffs prompted American companies to consider establishing manufacturing plants within the country to bypass the tariffs. Trump criticized this strategy, questioning why the US should build plants in India to avoid tariffs instead of seeking fair trade practices.

Trump also expressed concerns about tariffs imposed by other nations, citing Brazil as another country with significant tariff policies. He mentioned that certain politicians were unsupportive of his stance on tariffs, and he questioned the logic behind the lack of reciprocal trade actions.

Despite facing legal challenges and indictments, Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican presidential primaries, garnering a significant portion of GOP votes according to national polls. While he has decided to skip the upcoming Republican primary debate, his statements on trade issues reflect his ongoing influence on policy discussions.

Donald Trump’s warnings about reciprocal taxes on Indian products, particularly Harley-Davidson motorcycles, highlight the longstanding trade tensions between the US and India. His comments underscore the complexities of international trade dynamics and the significance of fair and equitable trade practices for both nations. As Trump’s influence continues in the political landscape, his stance on trade policies remains a focal point of debate.

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Source: Live Mint

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