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Dharmendra Pradhan Advances National Book Promotion Policy

Yesterday, the Union Minister of Education, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, convened a meeting of the reformed National Book Promotion Council in accordance with the recommendations of the National Education Policy 2020.

The goal was to evaluate the Expert Advisory Committee’s proposed National Book Promotion Policy.

During the meeting, Shri Pradhan underscored the importance of cultivating reading habits among school children.

He highlighted the collaborative role that teachers, parents, and institutions can play in fostering this habit.

Additionally, he noted that the contemporary trend of readers is leaning towards digital platforms for book consumption. Therefore, he stressed the need to place greater emphasis on digital content, including audio-visual elements, in the proposed Policy.

Furthermore, he also emphasized the significance of publishing content that reflects Indian values, ethics and is deeply rooted in Indian culture.

The Minister directed that the draft document of the Policy be made public to gather input from all stakeholders and individuals from diverse backgrounds before finalizing it.

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