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Dhanteras 2023: Avoid Buying These Items for a Prosperous Celebration

Dhanteras, a significant Hindu festival, heralds the commencement of the five-day Diwali celebrations and falls on November 10 this year. Devotees pay homage to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber to seek blessings for wealth and prosperity. Traditionally, people purchase auspicious items such as gold, silver, gold ornaments, new copper, silver, and brass utensils, along with various household necessities. However, it’s important to be mindful of what not to purchase on this auspicious occasion. Here’s a list of items you should avoid buying on Dhanteras for a successful celebration.

  1. Iron: Steer clear of buying iron utensils or iron-based items on Dhanteras as they are considered inauspicious. Legend has it that Lord Kuber, the God of wealth, refrains from showering blessings on those who opt for iron purchases on this day.
  2. Steel: Although many adhere to the custom of purchasing steel items and utensils on Dhanteras, it’s advisable to refrain from buying steel. Instead, consider acquiring copper or bronze items.
  3. Sharp Objects: As Dhanteras is a day of great significance, it’s best to avoid purchasing sharp objects like knives and scissors, as they are believed to bring bad luck to the household.
  4. Empty Vessels: Buying utensils or vessels that are devoid of any contents, such as food or water, may not be practical. It is customary for people to fill them with water or food before bringing them into the house on Dhanteras.
  5. Glassware: The purchase of glassware or items made of glass on Dhanteras is inauspicious, as these items are associated with Rahu.
  6. Aluminium and Plastic Products: Shoppers are advised to stay away from aluminium and plastic products during Dhanteras. Instead, it is recommended to opt for articles made of metal.
  7. Oil/Ghee: Acquiring oil or ghee on Dhanteras is considered inauspicious. If someone requires such ingredients, it’s best to buy them a day in advance or after the festival.
  8. Fake Gold: While gold is highly sought after on Dhanteras, it’s crucial to avoid fake gold jewelry, coins, and other items. Ensure that your gold purchases are genuine and of high quality.

By being mindful of these items to avoid, you can partake in the festivities of Dhanteras with a sense of spiritual significance and cultural adherence. May your celebration be prosperous and filled with blessings!

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