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Devoleena Bhattacharjee on Pregnancy Rumors: ‘Respect My Privacy’

Actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee recently posted pictures on social media, which led to rumors that she is pregnant. In response, Devoleena addressed these rumors on her Instagram Stories. While she didn’t confirm or deny the speculation, she asked people to respect her privacy and not intrude.

On Saturday morning, Devoleena posted on Instagram Stories, saying she will announce her pregnancy whenever she feels like it and asked everyone not to “bother” her. She emphasized that she would share such news only when she feels comfortable.

“Many people have been messaging me for a long time regarding my pregnancy, creating news about it. I am sure that whenever I feel like sharing such news with you all, I will do it myself. For now, please do not bother me,” Devoleena wrote.

She also questioned why people are so curious, whether it’s to create headlines, make content, troll, or leave positive comments. She made it clear that none of these reasons matter to her and she values her privacy.

“What will you do once you find out whether I am pregnant or not? Will you create headlines, make your own content, troll or write 2-3 nice things? But trust me, I do not crave any of these. This is my personal space and you are not invited to bother me,” she shared, adding, “I am sure if anyone intrudes on your personal space or create content, you wouldn’t like it either. There is enough content on social media to keep yourself busy. I am sure by now you all understand that I do not like interference in my personal life.”

The rumors started after Devoleena shared photos online that some people thought showed a baby bump. Many Instagram followers asked if she was expecting her first child with her husband, Shanawaz Shaikh. Comments included, “Gopi bahu tum pregnant ho kya mujhe Kokila bhn ko khushkhabri deni h please batana jarur,” and “Is she pregnant????” Another user called her “mommy-to-be.”

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