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Delhi University Set to Introduce ‘Fake-Proof’ Degrees

Delhi University plans to update its degree paper with extra security elements that, according to authorities, will make counterfeiting these certificates more difficult. According to examination branch officials participating in the redesign, the new degree, which is expected to be rolled out in January for the convocation of the class of 2023 on February 24, would also include the student’s mother’s name in addition to the father’s name.

Every year, over 200,000 students graduate from the institution across a variety of degrees, and administrators admit that they sometimes stumble across a fraudulent diploma. They claim that the revamp will lower the amount of fake degrees.

“The previous redesign was done in 2013-14, and before that, the certificates were handwritten,” said Ajay Arora, officer on special duty, examination branch. The former certificate contained some security features as well, but numerous new security elements have been added to the new certificate to assure authenticity and make verification easier.”

To be sure, DU degrees used to be A3, but the size was altered to A4 in the 2013-14 makeover. The size of the handwritten certificates was lowered after students complained that they were difficult to preserve and photocopy.

According to Arora, the new certificate appears to be a more current version of the 2013-14 design, including a barcode and a QR code. “These codes have information stored in them, so when scanned on a phone, it will show the students’ name, roll number, and so on,” he explained. We have included the student’s mother’s name in addition to the father’s name since we feel it is as significant. In addition, if the student has a single parent, it will be accommodated.”

He also mentioned that the new document has a variety of security elements, such as invisible emblems that can only be seen in ultraviolet (UV) light and microprinting, which is commonly used on currency. It will also feature reverse microtext, which can be seen only microscopically, along with rainbow coloured foiling.

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