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Delhi University Introduces Vedic Literature, Bhagavad Gita Courses

The Centre for Hindu Studies at Delhi University plans to offer a minor elective course on Introduction to Vedic Literature, Upanishad Parichaya, Dharma, and Religion to its students.

The department has suggested adding six new optional papers for students who want to specialise in Hindu Studies in an effort to broaden its course offerings and provide them a lot of options. These proposals are currently awaiting approval from the university’s Academic Council.

The Delhi University Academic Council will convene on July 12.

The Centre for Hindu Studies’ Governing Body’s suggestions constitute the basis for these additions.

In addition to the UGC-approved syllabus, the Centre for Hindu Studies now plans to introduce more choices for students by offering papers on various aspects of Hinduism, said an official.

These will also include papers on Bhagavad Gita for Humanity, Hindu Thinkers and Purana Parichaya.

The students, who don’t wish to study Commerce, Political Science or Computer Science as minor electives along with the major subject can avail for these choices.

“We have proposed these electives to make our course curriculum more comprehensive and aligned with students’ needs. As a relatively new establishment, our effort is to make our programmes well-rounded,” the official said.

Under Introduction to Vedic Literature, students will learn about the literary works of prominent Vedic and Upanishadic commentators, from the Rigveda to Vedangas. The elective paper on Upanishad Parichaya will introduce foundational Hindutva as analyzed in the Upanishads.

The Bhagavad Gita for Humanity elective will acquaint students with foundational Indian spirituality as depicted in the Bhagavad Gita, and the Purana Parichaya paper will cover Hindu history, culture, geography, architecture and other knowledge systems.

“The Hindu Thinkers paper aims to familiarize students with the prominent thoughts of distinguished Hindu thinkers from ancient and modern times. Furthermore, the Dharma and Religion paper will introduce and develop foundational concepts of Hindu Adhyatma and Dharma, comparing them with Western religious traditions,” reads the learning objective of the proposed electives.

The Centre also plans to introduce two general electives for students who are not majoring in Hindu Studies but have chosen Commerce, Political Science or Computer Science as their main subjects. These students will be offered papers on Hindu Jivana Drishti and Manovijnana to familiarise them with Hindu Studies.

Additionally, the Centre plans to offer six new interdisciplinary electives specifically for Political Science students.

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