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Delhi University Forms Committee to Develop Social Media Policy

The Delhi University has formed a six-member group to develop a policy on the use of social media platforms by university workers, raising worries that the policy may limit the use of social media by staff, including instructors.

According to an order issued by the university on December 8, “the competent authority of the university has formed a committee… pertaining to the use of social media platforms in respect of the employees of the University for framing such policy of the University.”

Professor Sanjeev Singh, director of the Delhi University Computer Centre, will chair the committee’s meetings.

Maya John, a member of the academic council, believes the committee’s stance will limit their independence. “It seems like a troubling development in the direction of curbing DU employees’ use of social media platforms, and hence, the democratic right and freedom of expression,” she went on to say.

Anoop Lather, public relations officer at Delhi University and a member of the group, stated that the decision will have no impact on teachers’ privacy.

He explained: “The committee was formed to look into the multiple unofficial Twitter and Instagram pages that are being run with Delhi University in their names. This creates a lot of confusion as they are not being run by us. It will not impact teachers’ privacy… it was merely formed to straighten things out.”

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