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Cricket World Cup 2023 Unveils Mohammed Shami’s Unstoppable Bowling Secrets

Indian pace sensation, Mohammed Shami, has taken the Cricket World Cup 2023 by storm, and even Pakistan’s legendary fast bowler, Wasim Akram, is singing his praises. Shami’s incredible form with the ball has left everyone in awe, but what’s the secret behind his breathtaking performance in this tournament? Wasim Akram, in an exclusive masterclass, provided insights that reveal the key to Shami’s success.

Initially, Shami was sidelined in the first four matches, with the Indian team opting for a more balanced lineup featuring Hardik Pandya as the fourth seamer and Shardul Thakur to bolster the batting order. The management’s decision raised eyebrows, but it had a method to its madness. Shami was held in reserve, ready to seize his moment, and boy, did he seize it! Since his introduction in the first match against New Zealand, Shami has scalped a remarkable 16 wickets in just four matches, leaving everyone in awe of his prowess.

Critics, especially in Pakistan, couldn’t help but question India’s phenomenal performance. Some even speculated that the International Cricket Council (ICC) was favoring India by providing them with special balls that enhanced their wicket-taking ability. Former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza even went so far as to make such allegations. However, Akram strongly condemned these conspiracy theories, calling them embarrassing for the cricketing community. He urged the younger generation to appreciate excellence rather than perpetuating baseless claims.

Wasim Akram went on to explain what sets Shami apart. According to him, Shami keeps it simple, focusing on hitting the seam straight on the deck with confidence and an upright seam. Unlike many bowlers, Shami doesn’t employ a wobbly seam. His seam kisses the pitch, ensuring consistency and unpredictability. 

Misbah-ul-Haq, another expert on A Sports, added, “The wrist should not break while bowling,” emphasizing the importance of maintaining wrist position.

To illustrate this point further, Akram utilized a split screen comparing the wrist positions of England’s Chris Woakes during a match against the Netherlands. He elaborated, “The right wrist moves in towards the batter, while the left one moves away after pitching. The seam on the right goes in the direction of leg slip, while the one on the left points toward the first slip.”

Akram then highlighted an over bowled by Shami to Ben Stokes, showcasing how the ball consistently moved away from the batsman. Akram’s conclusion was enlightening: Bumrah employs wrist movement, whereas Shami relies on seam position to outfox his opponents, making him a formidable force on the pitch.

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