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Controversial Statements Emerge from Congress MP at Pro-Palestine Rally in Kerala

Congress MP Rajmohan Unnithan has stirred controversy with his remarks at a Palestine solidarity rally in Kerala’s Kasaragod, amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. During his speech, Unnithan asserted that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom he deemed a war criminal, should be shot and killed without trial.

“At the Nuremberg trials after World War II, war criminals were shot without a trial. It’s high time a Nuremberg model trial is carried out. Benjamin Netanyahu is standing before the world as a war criminal. It’s high time to shoot and kill Netanyahu without a trial because that’s the level of cruelty he is doing,” Unnithan proclaimed, sparking a heated response.

The Congress MP further argued that those who violate the agreements of the Geneva Convention should face punishment for their actions.

The Israel-Hamas conflict, now in its 43rd day, has resulted in thousands of casualties. The situation escalated when the Palestinian group Hamas initiated an attack on Israel, leading to civilian casualties and intrusions into homes. In response, the Israeli military launched counterattacks on the Gaza Strip and parts of Palestine.

The controversy deepened on Saturday when Israeli police increased the number of people killed at the Nova music festival by Hamas militants on October 7, now totaling at least 364, up from the previous figure of 270.

The Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) is slated to organize a rally at Kozhikode beach on November 23 to express solidarity with the Palestinian people amid the ongoing conflict. All India Congress Committee General Secretary KC Venugopal is set to inaugurate the pro-Palestine event. The remarks made by Rajmohan Unnithan are likely to fuel debates and discussions around the sensitive issue of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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