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“Congress Dying, Pakistan Crying”: PM Modi On BJP’s Anti-Terror Stand

Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted the previous UPA government accusing it of giving “dossiers” to terrorists while alleging a partnership between Congress and Pakistan.

Calling it a “coincidence”, the Prime Minister said that the Congress party is weakening in India adding that Pakistan leaders are offering “dua” (prayers) for the party to return to power.

“The weak Congress government used to give dossiers to the masters of terror. But, Modi’s strong government elimanates terrorists on their soil. It is a coincidence, today Congress is getting weaker in India and as Congress is dying, Pakistan is crying,” PM Modi said.

“Now Pakistani leaders are offering dua for Congress. Pakistan is eager to make ‘Shehzaada’ the Prime Minister and Congress is already Pakistan’s fan. This partnership between Pakistan and Congress has now been completely exposed,” PM Modi said while addressing an election rally in Gujarat’s Anand.

The Prime Minister accused the Congress of lying while calling itself “Mohabbat ka dhukan” (shop of love) and alleged that the latter has become a “factory of fake goods”.

“People are asking why the Congress is so agitated. Today Congress has become a fake factory i.e. a factory of fake goods. Why is Congress selling lies by calling itself Mohabbat ka Dhukan?,” he said.

Refering to the UPA rule as ‘shaasankaal’ (reign) and the current NDA rule as ‘sevakaal’ (service period), PM Modi accused Congress of trying to divide the country.

“These days, the ‘shehzaade’ of Congress are dancing keeping the Constitution on their heads. But, Congress should answer me why the Constitution, which you are dancing with on your forehead today, was not implemented in all parts of India for 75 years.”

“Today Modi is realising Sardar Saheb’s dream of uniting the country. Whereas Congress is busy dividing the country, Congress wants to create fights in society. Because of Congress, there were various kinds of tamperings with the Constitution of the country for decades,” he said.

“The country has seen the rule of Congress for 60 years. Now the country has also seen 10 years of service of BJP. That was the reign, this is the service period,” PM Modi added.

The Prime Minister further highlighted the initiatives undertaken during the last years of NDA rule and said, “During 60 years of Congress rule, around 60 per cent of the rural population did not have toilets. In 10 years, the BJP government built 100 per cent toilets. In 60 years, Congress was able to provide tap water facilities to only 3 crore rural households in the country, that is, to less than 20 per cent of the households. In just 10 years, the number of houses with tap water has reached 14 crore, that is, 75 per cent of the houses have tap water.”

“In 60 years, Congress nationalised the banks, took over the banks and said that banks should be for the poor. Despite nationalizing the banks in the name of the poor, the Congress government could not open bank accounts for crores of poor people in 60 years. Modi opened more than 50 crore Jan Dhan bank accounts in 10 years,” PM Modi said.

Voting for 25 out of 26 seats in Gujarat will take place in the third phase of the ongoing general elections on May 7.

Voting will not take place in Surat as Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Mukesh Dalal was declared elected unopposed last week after Congress’ Nilesh Kumbhani’s nomination was rejected while other candidates withdrew from the contest. The results will be announced on June 4.

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